Update (2016-03-22 Tue): I have rewritten the timer application. This document is still using the old screen captures.

I've created a simple timer application for the pomodoro technique. You can use the timer here, https://hayato.io/timer/.


It seems that there are a lot of timer applications for the pomodoro technique, however, I couldn't find any timer which fits me.

I need a simple, tiny, easy-to-customize, non-distractive and web-based timer. Therefore, I made it.


  • Modern browsers.


  • In addtion of the page, the title of the browser's tab also shows the progress.


  • Desktop notifications with sounds (only if a browser supports).


  • Specialized for the pomodoro technique. Pre-set timers are:

    1. 25 min
    2. 5 min (short break)
    3. 25 min
    4. 5 min (short break)
    5. 25 min
    6. 5 min (short break)
    7. 25 min
    8. 20 min (long break)


You can customise the timer by URL's request parameters.

You can mix the parameters freely, such as http://hayato.io/timer/?t=50,10,50,10,50,30&autostart=1&repeat=1

Future Plan

  • More customize.

    • Sounds, Icons.